We are an environmentally conscious business so it may be that your order won't be packed using a brand new box. However, all 'recycled' packaging will be fit for purpose and in good condition and the goods inside will still be just as beautiful!

Our boxes might not always be the prettiest but they're pretty good for the planet.

All waste carboard is recycled in a responsible manner, some of it is taken by local ollotment owners for No Dig use.

Bubblewrap is always recycled/reused so again it may not be brand new but it will be in good condition and suitable for use

We use a combination of eco fill (packing peanuts) to pack our more delicate goods which is made from potato starch and completely dissolves in water rather than taking up space in landfill!  Simply empty the box into your sink or bath and pour water on it and the ecofill will dissolve.

We also use air pouches. All of our air fill cushioning is made from recycled plastic and can be recycled after use. 

Polystyrene is used in some packaging of ceramics, this is usually part of the importers packaging.  We reuse polystyrene packaing in some of our parcels; however we do not purchase such materials ourselves and will only reues/recycle them.