Upcycling - The Willow and Co Way

I love an upcycling project, there's nothing more satisfying than standing back to admire your work when you've given an object a new lease of life, and hopefully saved a few £'s rather than buying new. 

Lurking in a forgotten corner of our rather untidy garage was a  25 year old bookcase and drawer unit from a bygone era (my first house). The items were being used to store tins of paint and other 'not used very often but vitally important we keep' items!  They were looking a little worn and tatty but as they were pieces I had purchased for my very first home having saved hard for them, I couldn't bare to throw them out. Mr F (the other half) just rolled his eyes when I told him what my plans were and gave me one of those 'you're mad' looks but knew better than to try and talk me out of my mission. 


A quick google search for inspiration & paint and voila!.....new furniture for the recently finished extension which had added a new kitchen diner, utility, bedroom & en suite  and most importantly (to Mr F) the much coveted downstairs loo! 

Firstly I lightly sanded down the woodwork to remove any wax finish - I recommend using a detail sander as it's quick and you can get right in the corners.  Next the paint, two coats of Dulux Urban Obsession satin sheen for wood and metal paint did the trick.  When the paint was completely dry (the hard part as I have no patience) I added new brushed nickel handles to give a more modern look whilst still retaining a country feel to the furniture.  

I'm really happy with the finished results and will definitely be upcycling other items I can get my sticky little mitts and paint brush on.